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News Archive - 2001

29 Oct. 2001Thanks to Bret and all of the M's for an awesome 2001 season! You guys deserved to go all the way - but there is always next year, right?! *smiles* Have a blessed off-season. (And stay on that workout routine, Bret! *whoo-hoo!!* *wink* *hubba-hubba!!*) We'll be missing you until 2002!!

(Mary tells me that she has, in fact, copyrighted that expression... but I copyrighted one of my own, too! "Major League Cutie" has been all MINE since '99!! In reference to Bret, naturally... *hehehe*) *wink*
*sheesh* - Am I ever in rhyming mode today, or what?! SORRY!!

The other Big Boonie News is the trade mill rumoring about Aaron possibly being dealt to the M's for next season! Personally, I can't imagine Aaron wearing any other colors than red, black, or gray... but I think it would be TOO FUN to see Bret and Aaron together again! Don't you? *smiles* Bob seems to have a knack for trading away his own sons... (Yeah, sure; it's only "business," I know!!)

19 Oct. 2001The playoffs are under way, and I have been much too busy to stay on top of reporting the action here. SORRY!!

Must mention, however, that Bret has been keeping an online "diary" at the M's official site since the playoffs began, which can be viewed by clicking here. It is SO FUN to read Bret's own words!! (Although hearing him speak them would be even more fun... but we gotta take what we can get, right?! LOL) *wink*

(I hope you haven't copyrighted that expression yet, Mar!!) *smiles*
*GO BRET - and GO M'S!!!*

29 Sep. 2001Bret is back in the lineup - YAY!! - and naturally the M's are back to their winning ways. (Ah, the power of logical association... *hehehe*) *wink*

A friend of mine was in attendance at last Sunday's game (M's vs. A's, 9/23/01) in Oakland, and witnessed Bret being thunked in the elbow by Jason Isring's pitch in the 8th inning. (Although if this dude is supposed to be my friend, but he didn't take ME along to the game, how good of a friend can he really be??? RIGHT, GLEN?!! *ARGH!!*) Here is a picture of the ghastly event:

So many of my male contemporaries find enormous pleasure in seeing Bret get hurt like this... it makes me want to just wring their necks!! (Remember, Bret - I'm always quite happy to kiss away your pain if you need me!) *wink*

I also need to add the terrible news that Aaron is out for the rest of the season after undergoing surgery on his broken left thumb, where a pin and wire were inserted as part of the repair. After being plagued with injuries that include a broken right hand in May and broken right wrist in August, he leaves the 2001 season with a batting average of .294, with 112 hits, 26 doubles, 2 triples, 14 home runs and 62 RBI's in only 381 at-bats. He also earned 29 walks and stole 6 bases. Take care of yourself this winter, Aaron! Your zillions of maniacal fans want to see you back out there next year, stronger than ever! *smiles*

And the word from Dave is that Matt also missed the last month of his minor league season with an arm injury, which puts his stats for 2001 at: 96 hits, 16 doubles, 5 triples, 4 home runs, and 33 RBI's in 375 at-bats with an overall batting average of .258. He earned 29 walks (just like Aaron!) and stole 8 bases. Way to go, Baby Boone!!! *smiles*

23 Sep. 2001Wow... for the first time this season, the M's have lost three games in a row. And, coincidentally, Bret has been sidelined with a bruised heel. I know I can't be the only one out there who supposes that these two events are somehow related...

Get better soon, Bret! They need you out there! *smiles*

21 Sep. 2001A transcript of Bret's live online chat is available at the following link: I would recommend that you check it out soon if you missed the chat, because it's impossible to say how long the transcript will be available! *smiles*

Now that the M's have clinched their division, the team is moving toward post season in "steady-but-sure" mode, trying to keep everyone healthy, etc. Bret suffered a bruised heel earlier this week and had an MRI (which was negative). He should be back on the field by next week at the latest. We certainly don't want to see any season-ending injuries at this point in time!! Not like last year! Be careful out there, and *GO BRET!!!* *smiles*

7 Sep. 2001HE DID IT - HE DID IT - HE DID IT!!!

A record-breaking game:
Tonight, in the 3rd inning as the M's blasted the Orioles, Bret hit his 34th home run of the season (which apparently is his 33rd this season as a 2nd baseman), setting a new AL record for home runs by a 2nd baseman in a single season. The previous record was set by Joe Gordon in 1948.

Also on the record-setting front... Ichiro Suzuki singled in the 1st inning to set a new AL record for singles by a rookie in a season with 168. The previous record was set by Harvey Kuenn in 1953. Suzuki singled again in the 4th, racking up his 215th hit for the season and setting a new M's franchise record for hits in a season. The previous record was set by A-Rod in 1996.

*GO BRET!!! and GO M'S!!!*

And even as I post this, the game isn't over yet... so who knows what else might happen before the night is over???


Bret will be the featured guest of a live Yahoo chat on Friday, Sep. 21st at 3 pm EDT (noon PDT)! To access the chat, follow this link:

6 Sep. 2001Interim update: Bret now has 33 home runs, which ties the AL record for homeruns by a 2nd baseman!! I wait with bated breath for him to set another major league record!!! *I'M ROOTIN' FOR YA, BABY!!!*

And just a note to anyone who's interested... I recently updated Matt's checklist page with his cards for 2000, along with the card scans. I also updated Ray's checklist page by adding scans of all of his cards that I own. (Which is only about 41% - but that isn't too bad when you consider that most of his cards are pretty difficult to find anymore! He has several that are more than 50 years old.)

4 Sep. 2001BRET! BRET!! BRET!!! *smiles*

My apologies to those of you who visit this site to hear more about Aaron or Matt... can I help it if Bret is having the most awesome season that any Boone has ever had?! Under the circumstances, of course I have to keep harping about Bret! *wink*

As of today, Bret's average is still flying at .324 with 32 home runs and 119 RBI's! Those stats not only surpass any of Bret's previous years, but also are the best that any Boone has achieved in a single season. (And the season isn't over yet!)

*GO BRET, GO!!!!*

However, in an effort to maintain goodwill with all of the Aaron fans out there, I have added three new Aaron pics to the greeting card area. *smiles*

20 July 2001OMG, you guys - I can't believe that my page has over 3,000 hits already! Not that it really matters how many hits there have been (as far as my page is concerned), but it's great to see so many people discovering Bret (all right - and Aaron and Matt, too) and visiting here to learn more. *smiles* I'm sorry that I don't always update the site as often as I would prefer, but I hope everyone who visits enjoys their time spent here and finds the site informative.

It was awesome to see Bret get the nod as starting 2nd baseman in the All-Star game. Bret is just about everywhere you look these days - which is GREAT for fans like me!! *wink* Our Cover Boy can be seen posing on the front of the 7/16 Sports Illustrated, 7/23 ESPN Magazine, 7/7 issue of TV Guide (only issued in the Pacific Northwest, unfortunately), also got the nod to share the cover on one of the programs for the 2001 All-Star game, and the July, 2001 Grand Salami (the M's team magazine).

Talk about Boonie overload - I'm practically in heaven!!

17 June 2001Happy Father's Day to all the baseball-loving dads out there... ESPECIALLY Bret, Bob, and Ray! (And also to hopefully-someday-dads, Aaron and Matt!) *smiles* (Bret being the *sexiest* daddy of 'em all, naturally... *wink*)

Everybody!!! Get on over to and cast your All-Star players votes before the June 30th deadline! The last time I checked, Bret was leading AL 2nd basemen for online votes, but was still in second place overall for his position. He needs your help to be the starting 2nd baseman at the All-Star Game this year!! You know nobody deserves it more than Bret - so PLEASE VOTE TODAY!!!

13 May 2001Happy Mother's Day to all the baseball-loving moms out there. *smiles* Here is a link to a clip of Bret talking about his mom, Sue Boone: click here (Ahhh, I just looove to hear his deep voice!! *wink*)

A transcript of the same interview can be viewed by clicking here.


THE MARINERS SWEPT THE YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (That is just TOO SWEET!!)

And not only are the Mariners #1 in the AL West (8 Whole Games Ahead of the #2 team, the Rangers!!) - but they currently have the #1 record in ALL of the AL at 18-4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The two other closest teams, the Red Sox and the Twins (who are each currently #1 in their respective divisions), each only have 15 wins. (And, get this - the Yankees are currently #3 in the AL East!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!) And not only are the Mariners #1 in the AL - but they are actually the #1 team in ALL OF BASEBALL right now, because no other team comes anywhere even CLOSE to their .818 winning percentage!!!!!!!

*smiles* *smiles* *smiles* *GO BRET, GO!!!!!!!* *smiles* *smiles* *smiles*

Oh, and the Reds aren't doing too badly either! They are currently #2 in the NL Central, and tied for third place overall in the NL. (And currently tied for 8th best record in all of baseball.) *WHOO-HOOO!!* for Bob and Aaron!! *smiles*

24 Apr. 2001Bret is off to an AWESOME start in 2001!! *smiles* Currently, he is batting a superb .333 with one homer, 6 doubles 17 RBI, and zero errors. (That's my boy!! Work it, baby!! *wink* You show 'em who's the best Boone Boy!!)

Aaron started the season struggling somewhat, but has been making a consistent comeback since early April. He is currently batting .235 with 2 homers, one triple, 7 RBI and 6 errors (*ouch!*).

According to Baseball America's website, Matt is the starting 3rd baseman for Lakeland again this season. He is off to a solid start, currently batting .228 with one homer, 3 doubles, 6 RBI and 7 errors. (I think it wouldn't hurt if you younger Boones were to take a fielding clinic from your oldest brother... *hint, hint* *wink*)

6 Apr. 2001HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRET!!! *smiles* (Hey, Bret - you never got back to me about whether you liked the birthday card I gave you in Mobile last year... It was the last day of ST, remember? The card that told you what everyone is talking about "behind your back"?...) *wink*

25 Mar. 2001Spring training seems to be going well for Bret. I hear reports that he is only playing every other game because his knee is not quite up to full strength yet. Hey, Bret - I'm studying weight training and would be happy to come help you work out that knee! Just let me know!! *wink* Bret also has at least two ST homers already... possibly more.

I haven't been hearing as much about Aaron... but what I have heard indicates that he is also doing well in ST and seems to have the green light from his doctors to go all-out (as the Boones always prefer to do). *wink*

19 Feb. 2001Tomorrow is the day that the Mariners' position players are scheduled to report to spring camp in Arizona. In honor of this blessed event, I have posted a pic from Bret's past on the "Pic-of-the-Day" page. Go check it out! You won't be sorry! *wink*

Best of luck, Bret! Give 'em heck... and watch out for your knee! (Go DKIAMIAB Dugout Staff!! ROFL) *wink* And - hey - does anyone out there know yet what Bret's jersey number will be this year??

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