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News Archive - 2000

23 Dec. 2000It's official, folks! Bret is playing for the Seattle Mariners for the second time in his career. He sounds pleased with the signing; let's hope the 2001 season is even better than he is predicting for himself. Best wishes to Bret (and the other Boones, too!) in 2001! :-x (That's a smooch-face, for anyone who doesn't know. Blowing a good luck kiss to Bret... *hehehe*) *wink*

13 Nov. 2000Congratulations to Bob in his latest undertaking, as manager of the Cincinnati Reds!! Best of luck in 2001! *smiles*

Has anyone heard any updated reports about Bret's knee lately? I sure hope that no news is good news! (But the not-knowing is killing me!! LOL)

And, yes, I'm still biting my nails over the uncertainty involved with this whole free agency thing... (*ARGH!!*) *grumble* Who's idea was this, anyhow??? *wink*

20 Oct. 2000Hi, everyone! I'm sorry that it's been so long since my last update. (No, this isn't my impression of a broken record. LOL) My mother is terminally ill, and being her caregiver has (understandably) been taking up all of my time and keeping me from working on this site. Even as much as I love Bret, I must admit that I love my mother just ever so slightly more than he. *smiles* (I believe that Bret might be able to tolerate the arrangement... *hehehe*)

Anyhow, because of my personal preoccupation, mention was never made in the "Latest News" section about Aaron and Bret both being permanently sidelined with long-term knee injuries prior to the end of the 2000 season. (I say "permanently" meaning that neither brother was able to return to play before the end of the season. I'm NOT saying that their careers are over, because they aren't!!) This left all of us Boone Fans to suffer with Boonie Withdrawal. *wink* Thank heavens it will only be temporary. (Does anybody have any suggestions for how to survive the winter when starting the off-season already running low on one's Boone Fix??)

Mr. Bob Boone, sir, will you please consider starting both of your older sons on a martial arts style strengthening program like you used? Your knees were able to hold up through decades of catching... it appears your sons' knees could benefit from similar conditioning. It's just a suggestion... *smiles*

Best Wishes and Speedy Recovery to both Bret and Aaron from all of your adoring fans. (Particularly ME!!) *smiles* We will miss you during the off-season. Take care of yourselves and get lots of good rest. Can't wait until Spring Training to see you again.

30 June 2000Hello, fellow Boone fans!

Due to the large amount of discussion taking place in the guestbook, I decided it would be a good idea to add a Message Board discussion forum to the site. I'd still appreciate it if all new visitors would take a minute to sign the guestbook; but from now on, anyone who has a question or tidbit of Boone News can post it on the Message Board for further discussion. (That will allow the guestbook to be less cluttered, and better serve its intended purpose. And if you've posted or replied to a question in the guestbook in the past, you'll notice that I've moved those entries over to the new Message Board.)

Thanks for visiting!! *smiles*

17 June 2000Hey, everyone! It's been a long while since my last news update again! (LOL) Oh well, that's the way it goes, sometimes. How about that awful pitch Aaron took in the face last week?? (*ACK!*) *sniff* You never want to see anybody get hurt like that, no matter who they are; but especially not when it's somebody you care about. (Although my only interest in Aaron is that he's "Bret's brother"... LOL) Anyway, I'm sure we're all glad that he's okay - just a broken nose, that's all! (*ick!*) - and already back to playing.

Well, I've slowly been getting some work done on the checklist pages. If it's been a while since you last looked at them, you might notice a difference on Bret's checklist page and also on Matt's. I've been adding scanned pictures of the cards to my site, which you can view from the checklist by clicking on the (linked) card #. Considering how many hundreds of cards I'm going to have to scan in order to complete this project, please don't expect it to be finished in less than at least a few months! (LOL) But someday I'll have it all done... *smiles* Thanks for visiting!

5 May 2000Hey, everyone!! Sorry it's been so long since my last update!! Lately, I've been really busy with family duties; but at least I finally had some time today to begin adding to the "Boone Card Checklists" section. Now Aaron's checklist is available there, in addition to Bret's. And I plan to get the checklists for Bob, Ray and even MATT added very soon! *smiles* So check back later for those updates.

I haven't been staying on top of updating Bret's pictures the way I would like to be - but I've been gathering many of them, and plan to add them to the site soon. (*sigh*... A webmistress' work is never done... Good thing for me that I LOVE working with Bret!! LOL!! *Oh, don't I wish...*) *wink*

11 Mar. 2000For anyone who's been following the "Latest News", here - I obviously do not have enough time to keep up with the daily game scores from spring training! (LOL) For that, I recommend Yahoo's MLB page. I'm feeling the need to complain about something, though. There haven't been ANY new pics of Bret from ST put up on any of the sports pages since Feb. 25th!!! I PROMISE I'll update his pics on my Spring Training page just as SOON as any more are released!

Bre' informs me that I shouldn't complain too much, though - because at least there have been TWO pics of Bret in spring training. So far, we haven't seen ANY pics of Aaron!! But we know he's there! (*C'mon, people - Griffey, Jr. isn't the ONLY player on the Reds!!*)

4 Mar. 2000The Padres are 2-0 to begin their spring training exhibition games! *smiles* In their first game (against Seattle) Bret went 2-3. (*WHOO-HOO!!*) In their second game (against San Francisco) Bret went 0-3. (*sniff* Better luck next time, Bret!!)

So far, the Reds are 0-2. (C'mon guys!! Let's go!!)

25 Feb. 2000(((*OHMYGOSH*!!!))) *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*!!! WAY BACK last September, I sent Bret a fan letter... (Okay - I know it sounds hokey, but bear with me!! Believe me - I hadn't written a fan letter to ANYONE since I was in the 4th grade and sent one to Donny Osmond!!) Anyway, I'd read an online article from the Atlanta newspaper which said that if you included a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your fan letter and asked your favorite Brave *nicely* if they would please send you their autograph, about 90% of the time, fans that did that could expect a response from the player. So I included a SASE, and asked Bret nicely if he'd please send me his autograph. Well, the Braves went on into the post-season, and I never heard anything back from Bret, so I pretty much gave up hope that I ever would. Well, GUESS WHAT?!?! (SO WHAT if it's been nearly 6 months?? WHO CARES?!?) That envelope showed up in my mailbox this afternoon!!! Obviously, Bret didn't have time to sit and write out a letter to me - but he sent me an autographed baseball card!!! ('99 Topps #170) I am THRILLED TO PIECES with my newest *Most Prized Possession*!!! (*He DOES answer his fan mail, Auntie Em*!!!) This is the very first signed card in my collection... (*I'll treasure it forever, Bret*... THANK YOU!!!)

This has been a rather LONG news *brief* already, but... Pictures are starting to appear of Bret in his new Padres unie!! Check 'em out on the "Spring Training 2000" page! *smiles*

More site updates are in the works, so keep checking back! And thanks for visiting! *smiles*

Jan., 2000(((*sigh!!*))) So Bret has been traded to the San Diego Padres... Many of his East Coast fans are mourning the fact that he won't be seen playing for the Atlanta Braves anymore... But now it's time for his West Coast fans to have their turn... (((*hehehehehe!!*))) I'll be updating Bret's pics and info. with his new Padres items ASAP - please be patient, as these things take time! *wink*

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